Paper Shakespeare: To Date or Not to Date?

Paper Shakespeare: To Date or Not to Date?
TitlePaper Shakespeare: To Date or Not to Date?
DeveloperStegalosaurus Game Development
Publishers Stegalosaurus Game Development
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Elsinore Academy is a proving ground for princes and princesses, heirs and heiresses; where people from all over the globe come for higher learning, and the cheerleaders are literal witches.

It is months after the unfortunate events that brought shame to Castle Hamlet, and everyone is on edge. What better way to shake off the blues than to engage in a dating simulator? But soon, what starts as a simple excursion into romantic pursuits because something much more complex. Dare we say..... Shakespearian?

F-bombs are dropped. Sexual innuendo abounds. Can you survive your freshman year? Who knows!

[From Steam]


2018-04-04    Paper Shakespeare: To Date Or Not To Date?Non-freeDoujinInternet download  

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