×××HOLiC ~Watanuki no Izayoi Souwa~

×××HOLiC 〜四月一日の十六夜草話〜

×××HOLiC ~Watanuki no Izayoi Souwa~
Title×××HOLiC ~Watanuki no Izayoi Souwa~
Original title×××HOLiC 〜四月一日の十六夜草話〜
Publishers Marvelous Interactive
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The protagonist of the series is Kimihiro Watanuki, a high school student who is constantly haunted by monsters, ghosts and spirits who are magically attracted to him because of his blood. These monsters are invisible to people without power, so other people brand him as weird or crazy when he is haunted by the spirits. Everything changes when he goes into a store that sells wishes.


2007-08-0912+  ×××HOLiC ~Watanuki no Izayoi Souwa~Non-freeCommercial  
2008-07-0312+  ×××HOLiC ~Watanuki no Izayoi Souwa~ (Best Collection)Non-freeCommercial  


Character summary

Main character Doumeki Shizuka
Voiced by Nakai Kazuya
Main character Ichihara Yuuko
Voiced by Oohara Sayaka
Main character Kunogi Himawari
Voiced by Itou Shizuka
Main character Maru
Voiced by Kojima Kazuko
Main character Mokona Modoki
Voiced by Kikuchi Mika
Main character Moro
Main character Watanuki Kimihiro
Voiced by Fukuyama Jun

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