Fuuma Seijo Rosalia


TitleFuuma Seijo Rosalia
Original title封魔聖女ロザリア
AliasesSt. Rosaria, Exorsister
DeveloperOyama Dennou Giken
Publishers Oyama Dennou Giken


St. Rosaria was an "exorsister",
an agent of the global alliance of evil-banishers,
who was tracing the origins of "demon porn".

This adult video, whose viewers disappear
completely without a trace, was apparently created
by "defensevils" as an attack on humanity.

Rosaria had located its transmission point,
a dilapidated hospital. She went there.

But the hospital was, like the demon porn,
a tactical ploy of the defensevils.
They used it as headquarters, and as a lure
for such hapless do-gooders as her.

She had come straight to them.

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Character summary

Main character Rosaria Merclair
Voiced by Akatsuki Kotone
Main character Shouki Rauru
Voiced by Masaki Phan

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