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Kojin Kyouju: La Leçon Particulière

個人教授 La Leçon Particulière

TitleKojin Kyouju: La Leçon Particulière
Original title個人教授 La Leçon Particulière


In the game, the player plays the role of a new high school teacher who is asked by numerous girls to instruct them in private lessons to prepare them for college entrance exams. Right. I'm sure that's the only thing going on here...

[From retromags]


Japanese (2)
1998-04-09Kojin Kyouju: La Leçon Particulière
2002-05-02Kojin Kyouju: La Leçon Particulière (Mycom Best)


              Full character list

              Character summary

              Chiba ChihiroMain character
              Voiced by Yoshida Konami
              Hodaka HarukaMain character
              Voiced by Fujino Kaoru
              Nishimura NanakoMain character
              Voiced by Kusachi Fumie
              Ryuuguuji RemiMain character
              Voiced by Hisakawa Aya
              Sumeragi SaeMain character
              Yamashiro YuukiMain character
              Voiced by Tezuka Chiharu

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