Relation graph for Soushinjutsu 3

Note: Unofficial relations are excluded if the graph would otherwise be too large.

Soushinjutsu Möbius 2012-11-30 ja Soushinjutsu Gaiden ~Ayakaw... 2015-06-26 ja Same seriesSoushinjutsu 2 2006-06-30 ja Soushinjutsu 3 2008-12-12 ja SequelPrequelSoushinjutsu 2004-10-22 ja Shares charactersDenpa no Dorei 2008-01-25 ja Same settingSoushinjutsu Rei 2011-01-28 ja PrequelSequelShares charactersGonin!? ~Pitari to Tekichuu... 2010-05-28 ja SequelPrequelSequelPrequelSame setting