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Imouto Oma*ko Namachuukei

妹 おま○こ 生中継

TitleImouto Oma*ko Namachuukei
Original title妹 おま○こ 生中継
AliasesLive from my sister's p*ssy


He wakes up in "the room."
It has no window and had a locked door of steel.
There are many web cameras installed.
"Where am I?"
Then he realized that there is someone sleeping on his side.
It's a naked woman... and he sees her face to find out that she is his younger sister, Miu!

The conditions to get out of "the room" are to have sex with her, make her pregnant and see her give birth to a baby.
While images are diffused all over the world, the big brother starts assaulting his sister!
Does he really execute what he is asked to do?!

[From DLsite English]


2009-12-2418+Imouto Oma*ko Namachuukei

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Imouto Oma*ko Namachuukei

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