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When The Shutter Stops

When The Shutter Stops
AliasesShutter Stop, Priscilla Vate and the Dart Killer Cases, WTSS
DeveloperRemort Studios
PublishersRemort Studios


When a notorious serial killer's conviction is overturned, the former child detective that put him away must return to the streets to prove his guilt.

Meet Priscilla "Pri" Vate. Where most child prodigies show off at school and on TV, Pri put her skills to work as Philadelphia's youngest private eye. She saw things most kids never imagine and was unfazed by the filth in the world around her...until one case hit too close and ended her career.

But like the stench of the city, the life of a Philadelphia detective never completely washes off. A decade after the infamous Dart Killer case, Pri--now working as a family photographer--finds out that the man she locked away is set to be released on new evidence. She must return to the streets to solve the case that put her out of commission, once and for all.

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English (2)
2018-05-0413+When The Shutter Stops (Alpha build 5-3)
2018-09-2613+When The Shutter Stops - Kickstarter Demo

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When The Shutter Stops - Kickstarter Demo

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