Edit history of Seirei Tenshou ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujo-tachi~

v2353.152018-06-03 at 14:58[deleted]Seirei Tenshou ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujo-tachi~game process/folder name
v2353.142016-02-12 at 07:47weilaiSeirei Tenshou ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujo-tachi~..
v2353.132016-02-12 at 07:44weilaiSeirei Tenshou ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujo-tachi~..
v2353.122015-07-20 at 07:56wakaranaiSeirei Tenshou ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujo-tachi~staff&cast
v2353.112015-07-15 at 07:23wakaranaiSeirei Tenshou ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujo-tachi~clean cover
v2353.102015-01-21 at 15:25slv76Seirei Tenshou ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujo-tachi~-tachi
v2353.92013-06-27 at 17:24earthwormSeirei Tenshou ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujotachi~Des fix
v2353.82010-07-22 at 19:23multiSeirei Tenshou ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujotachi~Reverse relation update caused by revision v4837.1
v2353.72010-01-17 at 09:25eyelessSeirei Tenshou ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujotachi~On this pic from official site - link - is clearly visible - せいれいてんしょう
v2353.62009-11-28 at 18:49echomateriaSeirei Amagake ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujotachi~Reverted to revision v2353.3 Seirei Amagake is the correct romanization of 精霊天翔 not Seinarukana Gaiden Seirei Tenshou, still added that as an alias
v2353.52009-11-28 at 18:17multiSeinarukana Gaiden Seirei Tenshou ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujotachi~Reverse relation update caused by revision v26.30
v2353.42009-11-28 at 18:12subaruSeinarukana Gaiden Seirei Tenshou ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujotachi~Title changed
v2353.32009-11-06 at 14:48echomateriaSeirei Amagake ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujotachi~description and relation
v2353.22009-07-30 at 19:46echomateriaSeirei Amagake ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujotachi~relation mistake
v2353.12009-07-30 at 19:43echomateriaSeirei Amagake ~Kowareyuku Sekai no Shoujotachi~added game