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Azumi Shizuhara is an orphaned student attending Rakuryo Gakuin.
One rainy night, he finds a girl in the rain, soaked to the skin. The girl has scratches all over her body and blankly stares out at nothing. Azumi tries to ignore her, but suddenly realizes from the girl's uniform that she attends his school. He simply tells the girl to call police with her cell phone and leaves...

Later, this girl, Yuzu Sakurai, pleads with Azumi to help her search for her lost brother. Azumi turns her down once, but he finally agrees because Yuzu resembles his cousin, Nanao. The search for Yuzu's brother begins.
With the help of Sayoko, their search seems to be going fine until Azumi begins to feel the presence of someone else...

The story progresses with the mixed emotions of a girl with a lost brother and a boy who wants to protect his little sister.

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2002-05-1018+  Fearless]Non-freeCommercial640x4801 CD  


Character summary

Main character Miyahara Sayoko
Main character Sakurai Yuzu
Main character Shizuhara Nanao
Side character Katsuragi Nagi
Side character Sakurai Kisara
Side character Yasaka Tsukasa

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