Roshutsu Gakkyuu Houkago no Hanazono

露出学級 放課後の花園

TitleRoshutsu Gakkyuu Houkago no Hanazono
Original title露出学級 放課後の花園
AliasesExposure Class: Flower Garden in After-school
Publishers ByunByunHouse


One after school day, Kyoko remained in the classroom, all alone.
Her friend, Chizuru came into the room.

Kyoko then noticed Chizuru wasn't wearing any underwear.
On the other hand, Kyoko was a bit of an exhibitionist as well.
Now, Chizuru found out about Kyoko's secret.

The girls realized that they both had sexy habits that they kept others from finding out. As they shared their secrets, Kyoko and Chizuru were becoming very close. Yes, very close indeed, if you know what we mean.
Finally, they could not control their urge any longer. The girls were undressing together in the classroom. They were both naked, began fondling each other.

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2009-05-0318+  Roshutsu Gakkyuu Houkago no HanazonoNot voicedStory: All scenes fully animatedEro: All scenes fully animatedNon-freeDoujin800x600Internet download

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  Roshutsu Gakkyuu Houkago no Hanazono

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