Hana to Hebi


Hana to Hebi
TitleHana to Hebi
Original title花と蛇
Publishers Elf
Related anime[DB-ANN] Hana to Hebi The Animation (OVA, 2006)


--- In the midst of the chaos of post-war Japanese economy has entered a period of rapid growth, "Toyama Denki" was growing rapidly. It is an electronics manufacturer dealing with all kinds of electric appliances, jumped to #1 in the industry.

The actual leader of the company is Takayoshi Toyama. Kawada (the Hero) was a driver hired by this millionaire Toyama.

Takayoshi Toyama has a beautiful second wife, Shizuko - to whom remarried two years ago. Now is the birthday of Toyama, and he is holding a party at his garden with many celebrities.

A few days later, in the absence of Toyama, a phone call from a woman requesting a meeting with Shizuko. Keiko, her daughter-in-law was kidnapped. Shizuko went to the requested address by car. Of course, the driver of the car carrying Shizuko is Kawada.

They arrived at the scene, but when they were waiting for the culprit to appear, suddenly are confronted by a criminal group of women. They boarded the car, drove the car to the mountain road indicated. They arrived on an architectural mansion in the side of the mountain. Kawada and Shizuko got kicked out of the car with their hands tied, and they walk to the dark inside the house.

"I feel a stagnant air inside -". thought Kawada. "I wonder if we would come ... now".

They were taken to a large room within the house, and there was Keiko unharmed. Keiko was involved with the team of criminals, but was betrayed by them. Seeing what would happen to her, Shizuko decided to become a scapegoat in Keiko's place in a dignified manner.

Kawada wanted to help Shizuko, but the safety of Shizuko can not be guaranteed at that time. As if to ridicule Shizuko who had become desperate to help her daughter, Keiko was do an abrupt about-face, she who has been jealous of the beauty of Shizuko who is a mother-in-law.

In addition, this kidnapping was also involved with the team set for Hazakura Morita from Yakuza. Morita set in the mansion Torture shows and erotic photos. Involved in the incident, Shizuko is the prey of training in this mansion and Kawada will be forced to work as servant. All windows are closed, in this mansion is not clear even the time, if is day or night. The life as a sex slave of Shizuko was going to begin.

[Translated from Getchu.com]

Main characters

Side characters

Murase Fumio
Murase Fumio村瀬 文夫 
Hair, Brown, Short, Slicked Back
Eyes, Brown
Clothes, Cardigan, Shirt
Personality, Siscon
Role, Boyfriend, Onzoushi, Younger Brother


Mitsuko's boyfriend and Sayoko's younger brother.