Girls Book Maker -Shiawase no Libretto-

ガールズ・ブック・メイカー -幸せのリブレット-

Girls Book Maker -Shiawase no Libretto-
TitleGirls Book Maker -Shiawase no Libretto-
Original titleガールズ・ブック・メイカー -幸せのリブレット-
Publishers Yumemiru


The protagonist, Eito, suddenly finds himself gazing at the grand edifice of an otherworldly Library. Just moments before, he should have been in the confines of the academy's tiny library.

The girl who introduces herself as the "Head Librarian" tells him this Library is a repository of every story known to existence. If the books in the Library are damaged, the stories they contain will be lost to the real world.

"Well then, will you take up the position of Librarian?"

Eito ventures into the world of stories as the Librarian who protects the Library.

Many encounters with the characters featured in stories and the masterminds plotting disturbances behind the scenes await the newly minted Librarian Eito.

[Translated from official website]


2019-03-2218+  Girls Book Maker -Shiawase no Libretto- Trial EditionFully voicedStory: Simple animationsFreewareCommercial1280x720Internet download  
2019-05-3118+  Girls Book Maker -Shiawase no Libretto- Package EditionNon-freeCommercial1280x7201 DVD, Internet download  
2019-05-3118+  Girls Book Maker -Shiawase no Libretto- Download EditionFully voicedNon-freeCommercial1280x720Internet downloadAvailable on DMM GAMES.R18  


Character summary

Protagonist Kuri Eito
Main character Historia
Voiced by Ui
Main character Kotonoha Shiori
Voiced by Kitami Rikka
Main character Tale
Voiced by Ayumi Sarah
Side character Alice
Voiced by Haruka Sora
Side character Andersen
Voiced by Himekawa Airi
Side character Faust
Voiced by Kazuha
Side character Ganimard
Voiced by Kanau
Side character Goethe
Voiced by Kusuhara Yui
Side character Grimoire
Voiced by Kazane
Side character Hanami Maika
Voiced by Himari
Side character Heart
Voiced by Hanamaru Asuna
Side character Hourai
Voiced by Yuika
Side character Kaguya
Voiced by Fujisaki Usa
Side character Lewis
Voiced by Kaibara Elena
Side character Lovecraft
Voiced by Amekawa Shino
Side character Lupin
Voiced by Sakakibara Yui
Side character Match
Voiced by Aono Musubi
Side character Maurice
Voiced by Kawashima Rino
Side character Mephisto
Voiced by Misonoo Mei
Side character Mushiko
Voiced by Sazanami Suzu
Side character Sun Wukong
Voiced by Akino Hana
Side character Wu Cheng'en
Voiced by Tezuka Ryouko

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