My Dream ~On Air ga Matenakute~

My Dream ~On Airが待てなくて~

My Dream ~On Air ga Matenakute~
TitleMy Dream ~On Air ga Matenakute~
Original titleMy Dream ~On Airが待てなくて~
Aliasesマイ・ドリーム~On Airが待てなくて~
DeveloperNihon Create
Publishers Nihon Create


My Dream is an simulation game focusing on the world of voice-actors. There are eight different heroines in the game, and each has been voiced by three different actresses. Voice actress for each heroine can be set up at the beginning of a new game, right after entering the player's name. The game doesn't feature default name for the player, and other characters will address you by the name you enter (both Japanese and Latin letters are available during name creation). The player focuses on a single heroine and by setting up a weekly schedule for her, the game advances as a visual novel with selectable dialogue and action choices at certain locations and during certain conversations. The weekly schedule is set by selecting locations on the map you wish to visit, one location per day. Different location offer different actions and participation in various events and meeting and talking to other characters. Each heroine has a default set of attributes which change over time, such as physical strength, self-confidence, stress, speaking skill, and other. During gameplay, static character images with mild animations such as talking, are glued over blurred real-life photos which are used as backgrounds.

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1997-07-31All ages  My Dream ~On Air ga Matenakute~Non-freeCommercial2 CDs
1997-09-18All ages  My Dream ~On Air ga Matenakute~Non-freeCommercial2 CDs 1 
1998-06-12All ages  My Dream ~On Air ga Matenakute~Partially voicedNon-freeCommercial2 CDs


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  My Dream ~On Air ga Matenakute~

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