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Hyperforce All-Stars! Volume 2

Hyperforce All-Stars! Volume 2
AliasesVolume 2: A Date to Remember.
Play timeVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperJ5 the Hyperforce
PublishersJ5 the Hyperforce
Hyperforce All-Stars! Volume 1
Hyperforce All-Stars! Volume 3


Where Chaos & Love Rains! Hyperforce All-Stars!

Sakura Hanaoka gets a little too worried about Haruhi Suzumiya's actions, so with the help of BV the Cupid, She goes out to find and have a play date with J5 the Hyperforce. Little did J5 and Sakura know that Marik is hunting them down with his now Evil Council of Doom: The Sexy Butt Brigade. This is one date too crazy to miss!



English (1)
2015-10-11Hyperforce All-Stars! Volume 2

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