Vampire Yui ~Sen'ya-shou~


Vampire Yui ~Sen'ya-shou~
TitleVampire Yui ~Sen'ya-shou~
Original title吸血姫夕維~千夜抄~
AliasesVampire Yui ~Senyasyo~, 吸血姫(ヴァンパイア)夕維~千夜抄~
DeveloperGeneration X
Publishers CyberFront
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Related anime[DB-ANN] Kyuuketsuki Miyu (OVA, 1988)
[DB-ANN] Kyuuketsuki Miyu (1997) (TV Series, 1997)


Yui is the daughter of human and a Shi (another type of demon, also described as anti-shinma in some English translations). She is also part vampire as Miyu's blood runs in her veins, as Miyu fed on her mother while pregnant with Yui. Miyu describes Yui as both her sister, her daughter, and herself. Yui has long dark hair, and looks to be about twelve or thirteen years old. Like Miyu, Yui has a tragic past and friends she had to abandon upon her awakening. Yui has the additional issue of being both hunted and supported by rival factions of Shi, who do not approve of her existence.

Also like Miyu, Yui also has a blood bonded protector, a younger shinma named Nagi. Yui's personality is much more shy and timid than Miyu's, and she is still largely naive about the world at large. Nagi is very hot headed, but is a faithful companion, allowing Yui to feed on him as she refuses to feed on humans. Yui's weapon of choice are cherry blossoms, which she can bend to her will in a variety of ways. She passes this power to Miyu upon giving up her own blood for Miyu's rebirth.

Kyuuketsu Hime Yui Senyasyo is a visual novel based on the Vampire Princess Yui manga released for the Playstation 2 console. In the game the player can choose between 4 different main female characters (only 2 of them are availables at the beginning of the game), the game got a Life bar that will decrease depending of the player choices during the game. The game features different endings depending of the player choices during the game and unlockable pictures galleries.

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2003-03-27All ages  Vampire Yui ~ Sen'ya-shou~Fully voicedNon-freeCommercial  
2003-07-18All ages  Vampire Yui ~ Sen'ya-shou~Fully voicedStory: No animationsNon-freeCommercial800x6003 CDs  
2005-09All ages  Xixue Ji Xi Wei ~Qian Ye Chao~ Traditional Chinese EditionFully voicedStory: No animationsNon-freeCommercial800x600Internet download


Character summary

Main character Hasebe Naho
Voiced by Kurata Masayo
Main character Iizuka Satomi
Main character Origuchi Mina
Voiced by Asakawa Yuu
Main character Yoshizaki Kaori
Main character Yotsuya Chisa
Voiced by Tamura Yukari
Side character Nagi
Side character Senju
Voiced by Ogata Megumi
Side character Yui
Voiced by Kawasumi Ayako

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