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Tokimeki Nya no☆Getchu!

ときめき にゃの☆げっちゅ!

TitleTokimeki Nya no☆Getchu!
Original titleときめき にゃの☆げっちゅ!
DeveloperCom Channel
PublishersCom Channel
Same series
Getchu Ya★Getchu!!


Comu-chan and Mike have moved. They don't know this town and have no place to live, so they stay at the inn and start searching for the suitable place. In the meantime they learn that the formerly joyful and lively Akiba Kingdom is now embraced into sinking atmosphere. The reason is that the main prize for the "Golden Compete" festival has been stolen, so there will be no celebration. Comu-chan and Mike swear in the sunset to return happiness to the people of Akiba Kingdom.

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Japanese (1)
2002-03-29All agesTokimeki Nya no☆Getchu!


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        Character summary

        Com-ChanMain character
        GaoraMain character
        MikeMain character
        Voiced by Tamura Yukari
        PrincessMain character
        Voiced by Yamamoto Maria
        YukiMain character
        Voiced by Inokuchi Yuka

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