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Crimson Sunrise

TitleCrimson Sunrise


Welcome to Hinode Academy, home to the brightest minds and cutest girls in Shinku City and all of Japan, as well as a terrible "curse". Every three years, students are found dead, and their cases are quietly closed after little investigation, conclusion or justice. You play as Hideki, an academic prodigy and the latest unsuspecting transfer student to the renowned Academy. As you discover more about the city, you’re drawn deeper into a web of conspiracy that threatens your very life, as well as those around you in pursuit of the truth.

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TBACrimson Sunrise

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Character summary

Cheri HimuraMain character
Hideki HayashidaMain character
Kokatsu HimuraMain character
Kotone WatanabeMain character
Michi HamasakiMain character
Ms. AtsuiMain character
Orenji TachibanaMain character
Principal KomodaMain character
Professor Zang ChungMain character
Renga OshiroMain character
Saya SasakiMain character
Shizuka YamazakiMain character
Tairana HisakawaMain character
Tomi TurnipMain character
Tsuki TsukadaMain character

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