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The Rhythm of Pallissery

TitleThe Rhythm of Pallissery


In 1998, David L. Levey, co-founder of the Children’s Right’s Council, agrees to journey to the remote village of Pallissery in India, to support a concert and raise funds for the organisation, which is struggling to support itself as a non-profit that is rapidly expanding its influence across America. After a series of international meetings to secure funding, the CRC determines the fundraiser concert to be the best method to secure funding, and the organisation places pressure on Levey to ensure its success.

Despite being against the idea initially (indicating that a live concert might trivialise the problems that children face in the modern age) Levey eventually gives in to the sensible advice of his PR and Marketing advisor, Juniper Stones. Juniper encourages him to perform, as he used to do as a young adult, and dance during the concert’s headline performance with the up-and-coming indie pop band ‘C-side’, an Irish group who are travelling the world in the hope of finding a record label.

Levey and Juniper arrive at Gatwick, anticipating the potential failures of their project. Juniper is confident they will raise enough money. Levey, always a skeptic, is not. Despite this, he remains motivated to save his organisation through his exceptional powers of deductive reasoning, advocacy and his supernatural skill to ‘tune into’ the ‘rhythm of all things’.

Join Levey, Juniper and the members of the Irish Pop Band C-Side in an international adventure that involves love, charity, espionage, intrigue and the pursuit of the American dream.

A silly visual novel Rhythm game made for UoP's 2018 Gamejam.



2018-06-15The Rhythm of Pallissery

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