Fukushuu no Megami -Nemesis-


Fukushuu no Megami -Nemesis-
TitleFukushuu no Megami -Nemesis-
Original title復讐の女神-Nemesis-
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The protagonist is a doctor who spends a boring life at the institute.

One day his cousin Mika, also a doctor, was carried to the emergency room. Mika, who had worked as a medic at the school there, was hospitalized due to an accident that occurred at the school. The protagonist's father ordered him to become a substitute doctor at the school.

In the infirmary at the school, it seems some vandalism happened there. Then the protagonist found an envelope hidden in the drawer of the desk, and inside a photo of a girl. Who is that girl and what really happened there?

He decides to investigate.

[Translated from Getchu]