Chamber of Shadows

Chamber of Shadows
TitleChamber of Shadows
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperGolden Apple Games
Publishers Golden Apple Games


You and your two friends, Divina (she/her) and Jupiter (they/them), are students at a prestigious magic university, nearing your practical exams and the end of your first year. Concern for your preparedness drives the three of you to sneak out of your dorms on the night before the first day of exams, searching for an advantage in the form of a rumored chamber in the forbidden sector of the library, said to contain tomes of ancient and impressive magic. Upon finding this chamber, however, you soon discover the dangerous reason it was sealed away in the first place. You must all keep your wits about you and your lessons in mind if you want to make it out of this chamber alive!



2018-05-22   Chamber of Shadows - DemoNot voicedFreewareDoujinInternet download 1 


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