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v241.192018-08-29 at 07:13multiTrue Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~Reverse relation update caused by revision v9149.3
v241.182016-03-30 at 21:07jazz957True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~staff
v241.172015-05-23 at 19:25jazz957True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~Composer
v241.162015-03-04 at 11:47beliarTrue Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~artist
v241.152015-02-21 at 04:58jazz957True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~Added composer.
v241.142013-04-03 at 00:57sizzinTrue Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~It's actually "very short" but can be a little longer depending the choices you make.
v241.132011-12-18 at 18:54slv76True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~Alter title
v241.122011-05-13 at 13:52izmosmolnarTrue Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~1 missing
v241.112011-05-13 at 06:15shinnewTrue Love ~Junai Monogatari~Bigger cover.
v241.102011-03-09 at 16:57vietpqTrue Love ~Junai Monogatari~Fix wrong description.
v241.92011-02-05 at 19:34stompTrue Love ~Junai Monogatari~image
v241.82011-01-18 at 14:34eyelessTrue Love ~Junai Monogatari~titles
v241.72010-03-10 at 08:02izmosmolnarTrue Love[
v241.62010-03-10 at 08:02izmosmolnarTrue Lovelengthier synopsis
v241.52009-09-19 at 17:53sogetsuTrue LoveOne new screenshot. Final Oxymoron VII :)
v241.42009-07-18 at 05:16takayanagiTrue LoveAdded a bunch of screenshots to an VN that had none.
v241.32008-08-15 at 21:01echomateriaTrue LoveThat indicator is meant for the total time it takes to finish all the routes of the game not one. See d2
v241.22008-08-13 at 17:03sogetsuTrue LoveChanged length from "long" to "short" after playing this. Finishing the game takes about 5 - 6 hours.
v241.12008-03-13 at 16:24echomateriaTrue Love