Aious ~Proof of Concept~

Aious ~Proof of Concept~
TitleAious ~Proof of Concept~
AliasesGakuen Family
DeveloperTakafumi Sakagami
Publishers Takafumi Sakagami
Same setting
By Your Side


14 year old Taka is famed for two things: Photography and femininity. In an attempt to fix his femininity and spread his name as a photojournalist, Taka enrolls in a Fight School. Surrounded by battles, betrayals, and potential friends, Taka is sure to find his way in this world! …Or so it’d seem.
Unfortunately for Taka, this world isn’t the only world. Within each person exists an inner world, a reflective reality. Every night, when Taka closes his eyes, he is dragged into a dark painful world. A world only for him.
Meanwhile, a lingering memory known only as “Him” reflects on life, recounting his attempts to abandon humanity by reaching the inner world of someone long dead.

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TBA Aious ~Proof of Concept~Not voicedStory: Simple animationsNon-freeDoujin  


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