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v2412.142017-06-05 at 14:254396Kiss to Maou to Darjeelingdesc
v2412.132015-11-28 at 15:01lexKiss to Maou to DarjeelingCV for tsukumo
v2412.122015-11-28 at 15:00lexKiss to Maou to DarjeelingCV for Tsukumo.
v2412.112015-11-02 at 15:52traumatizerKiss to Maou to Darjeelingdead link
v2412.102015-06-19 at 12:20weilaiKiss to Maou to Darjeeling.
v2412.92015-04-17 at 02:18weilaiKiss to Maou to Darjeeling.
v2412.82015-02-09 at 20:40traumatizerKiss to Maou to Darjeelingva
v2412.72015-02-08 at 07:33nutellafanKiss to Maou to DarjeelingAdded VA.
v2412.62012-02-14 at 12:49earthwormKiss to Maou to DarjeelingGetchu cover
v2412.52009-11-21 at 12:56eyelessKiss to Maou to Darjeelingscreenshots
v2412.42009-11-02 at 01:16immlffKiss to Maou to Darjeelingswitched the title romanization(source link it's pronounced at the end of demo movie) and official subtitle, original title fix, source link
v2412.32009-11-01 at 22:07clessKiss x Lord x DarjeelingAdded length.
v2412.22009-09-24 at 21:55echomateriaKiss x Lord x Darjeelingwonder where Maou went... added a description about him
v2412.12009-08-06 at 16:07echomateriaKiss x Lord x Darjeelingadded game title romanization from official web page link