Cavaliers & Carnivals

Cavaliers & Carnivals
TitleCavaliers & Carnivals
DeveloperGreen Glasses Girl
Publishers Green Glasses Girl


On her deathbed, Grandma Adelaide reveals that she is a talented witch who has been extracting the emotions and dreams from her granddaughter Kay for the last 15 years. Grandma Adelaide gives Kay one last chance to retrieve those missing emotions—by entering a book composed entirely from Kay's lost reveries. Kay accepts and is flung into a world of her own creations...including one who wants nothing more than to see her dead.

Enter a world of festivals, masks, and mystery as a young girl finds that things don’t always appear as they seem…

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Fantasy 2.0


TBA  Cavaliers & CarnivalsNon-freeCommercial1280x720Internet download  

Character summary

Protagonist Kayla Bryant
Main character Barnabas
Main character Nasira
Main character Raj
Main character Sofie
Main characterThe Azure Knight
Side character Grandma Adelaide
Side character Mysterious Gentleman
Side character Sir Asher
Side character Sir Garen
Side character The Doctor

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