Secrets Untold

Secrets Untold
TitleSecrets Untold
DeveloperLegendEx Games
Publishers LegendEx Games


A baby was abandoned by her parents when she was born, and left on the steps of Castle Vestis. The life she was originally destined to would never see the light of day. She was raised by the maids in the servants quarters and names Calista. King Rory, despite his valiant efforts, could not keep his son Balder and the orphan girl from meeting. Eventually, the two feel in love and Balder proposed. It was an outrage to the entire Kingdom that young handsome prince would choose love over status. Tensions only seem to rise as the wedding quickly approaches. Three days before the big day, something goes awry, and Calista finds herself fighting for her freedom amongst a web of deceit. Will she trust the stranger from the feared organization, Shadow, who has come to help her? Or will she remain loyal to the prince? Can she find out who she really is, or will her past remain a secret untold?



2018-03-01   Secrets Untold - DemoFully voicedFreewareDoujinInternet download  


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Character summary

Protagonist Calista
Voiced by Cait Powers
Main character Balder
Voiced by Sean Rogers
Main character Kiran
Voiced by Daniel Peet
Main character Maddox
Voiced by SkyeBlue
Side character King Rory
Voiced by Vecna
Side character Loretta
Voiced by TheHornedWitch
Side character Sir Taylor
Voiced by IronBar36

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