Hitozumaman!! ~Haranda Kunoichi Tsumamigoro~

ひとづままん!! ~孕んだくノ一妻みごろ~

TitleHitozumaman!! ~Haranda Kunoichi Tsumamigoro~
Original titleひとづままん!! ~孕んだくノ一妻みごろ~
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Jun lives a peaceful life with Akari, his younger sister, and Sae, his neighbor. But one day, he is suddenly attacked by someone. As a matter of fact, the people who attacked him were Kunoichi (female Ninja)!? Their mission is not to make their family extinct. To achieve it, his semen is absolutely necessary.... "Make me pregnant, please." They soon try to milk his semen, but Sae saves him. Actually, Sae is Kunoichi as well. The Kunoichi who gets pregnant first is the winner! An epic battle for Jun starts now....

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