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DeveloperPinoco Game & Qing Wen & StudioASC
PublishersStudioASC & SakuraGame


This is a galgame about sweet young love. The haunting story is brought to you as visual novel, with beautiful music and voice through and through. Interacting with pretty girls to push the story forward.

The summer 6 years ago, my life ended, once.

The earthquake 6 years ago took away my family and most of the memories of my childhood.
Adopted by a new family, I was given a new name, Chen.
Finally the unease of memory loss was put to peace.
The long lost memories were buried deep inside my mind, along with the buzzing of the cicadas.
'Sorry, I gotta wait, wait for him to find me. Before that I can't be with any one.'
The girl was drowning in the long wait and lies.
'Why...why do all the things haunts me when they interfere?'
The girl was burdened by shackles of crying for freedom.
'The city and its stars, are so different, alive or dead different.
The girl was buried in darkness and trying to find light.

This summer, the memories haunt you, along with the buzz of cicadas.

[From Steam]


2019-10-07Cicadas - The IQA Edition

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Main characterKong
Main characterShen
Main characterYu
Side characterFung
Side characterLin
Side characterShao
Side characterShin

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