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****gakusei Tomoka 12 Ounce no Namida --Tomoka 12oz of Tears--

○学生 友花12オンスの涙--tomoka 12oz of tears--

○学生 友花12オンスの涙--tomoka 12oz of tears--
****gakusei Tomoka 12 Ounce no Namida --Tomoka 12oz of Tears--
Aliases--tomoka of tears--, Shougakusei Tomoka 12 Ounce no Namida, 小学生 友花12オンスの涙
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperSt. Rororo
PublishersSt. Rororo
Shops» JP¥ 1430 @ DLsite


Cheerful kawaii schoolgirl Tomoka Amamiya was having an affair with her homeroom teacher (the protagonist and player).

One day, that relationship was discovered by the principal.

The unscrupulous principal crafted a scrupulously detailed scheme. Tomoka was entwined in his wicked plan, unable to take revenge.

From that day on, the sexual violence began.

Over... and over...

Until Tomoka would do anything to escape the misery... so she surrendered her mind while her body was disgraced... not just by the principal, but total strangers.

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