Akuma Seijo ~Demon Girl Step~

悪魔聖女 ~デーモンガール・ステップ~

Akuma Seijo ~Demon Girl Step~
TitleAkuma Seijo ~Demon Girl Step~
Original title悪魔聖女 ~デーモンガール・ステップ~
Publishers SofthouseChara


Ruti is a demon who was vanquished a long time ago and a part of him was sealed away. Now in the present, he was resurrected by the pitiful Kyouka who mistakened him for a sex toy. He hatched a plan to train her as the evil mahou shoujo Dark Cherry and collect magical energy to fully regain his form. However, three figures of justice stood in their way: mahou shoujos Melody Queen, Lionel and Aya.

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

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