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CreditsMorry [Scenario]
Yakamoto Uto [Director]
yo-yu [Staff] [Teaser & OP Movie]
Hayase Yuu [Director]
Kishida Sora [Scenario]
Taniyama-san [Artist]
Morry [Scenario]
Yakamoto Uto [Director]
yo-yu [Staff] [Teaser & OP Movie]
Hayase Yuu [Director]
Nagahara Sakura [Staff] [OP lyrics]
Kishida Sora [Scenario]
SONO MAKERS [Composer] [Music production]
Taniyama-san [Artist]
isle [Vocals] [OP "Day before Memory"]


Publishers Smee


Spring needs to be a more fun season!!!

Getting deceived by an evil woman, having a had debt made by my parents who ran away at night... After a consecutive streak of trouble I was unable to decide on what to do after graduating. But then, I was helped by my kind relatives who introduced me to a local specialty school where I enrolled.

"This time I'll will enjoy my life!!"
And full of expectation in my chest, I reached the "Hidamari Dorm".

It turned out that it was a dorm where only women live in. It must be the place for my fateful encounter...! Is what I thought, but naturally, everyone was wary of me as the only man...!
But I won't give up...! This time, this spring, I will definitely enjoy myself!!


2018-09-27  Sugar*Style - Promotion VersionFully voicedFreewareCommercial1280x720Internet downloadA one-off teaser, designed to introduce the player to each of the main heroines; the scenario is specially written for this version, and separate from the full game.  
2019-01-2518+  Sugar*Style - First Press Deluxe EditionFully voicedNon-freeCommercial1280x7201 DVD  


Character summary

Main character Fuyutsuki Kaname
Voiced by Kaname Kururu
Main character Kusunoki Hare
Voiced by Nanba Mimi
Main character Minami Mao
Voiced by Hanazawa Sakura
Main character Morisumi Ichika
Voiced by Manome Ruka

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