Orc to Bijo Dorei ~Otosareta Uruwashiki Senshi-tachi~


TitleOrc to Bijo Dorei ~Otosareta Uruwashiki Senshi-tachi~
Original titleオークと美女奴隷~堕とされた麗しき戦士たち~
AliasesOrc and Beautiful Slaves ~Ravishing Warriors Corrupted~
Publishers Dieselmine


An orc sexually assaults and enslaves strong beautiful girls!

It's possible to violate and sell captured girls as slaves!!

A stronger demon can be your friend or foe?!

* Overview
A slave trader visits an orc whose village was destroyed.
He invites the orc to his plan of vengeance. Let's cooperate
with him to defeat, violate and enslave strong beautiful girls!

[From DLsite English]


Eyes, Unnatural Sclera
Body, Dark, Large Penis, Overweight
Role, Orc
Engages in, Rape on Defeat
Engages in (Sexual), Anal Sex, Cowgirl, Double Penetration (Group Sex), Group Sex, Missionary, Seventh Posture, Sitting Sex, Spit-roast, Standing Sex, Tominagi
Subject of (Sexual), Boobjob, Handjob


"I be strong! I f*ck them!!"

An orc who vowed revenge on those who destroyed his hometown.
Feels happiness when screwing and impregnating human girls with his huge d*ck.

Main characters

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Body, Muscular, Tanned
Role, Ogre
Engages in (Sexual), Hairjob
Subject of (Sexual), Spit-roast
Voiced byMorino Megumu


"...... I won't let you see Rina anymore."

A muscular and busty fighter who is tanned and half-ogre.

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Role, Demon
Voiced bySuzuki Ryou


"Why an orc and a human come together... You kind of entertain me, though."

One of the demonic clan who was once an aide of the demon lord.
Can be Orug's friend or foe. Slightly gullible.

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Role, Knight, Princess
Subject of (Sexual), Double Penetration (Group Sex)
Voiced byKisaka Rio


"My sword is for the peace and people!"

A princess knight of the Easty Kingdom.
Drifting from one place to another to defeat monsters.