Metal Wolf


Metal Wolf
TitleMetal Wolf
Original titleメタルウルフ
DeveloperPrincess Soft
Publishers Princess Soft
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In the distant future, the planet is dominated by a single corporation. One of the lowest ranked employees, a man in the "Complaint Handling Division" called Hojo Minagi, finds an amnesiac girl called Larissa. A mysterious cult is targetting her, and Hojo must discover the secret she hides in her past and memories...


2002-06-27  Metal WolfNon-freeCommercial  
2006-02-2315+  Metal Wolf REVNon-freeCommercial  


Character summary

Main character Asagiri Karen
Voiced by Kobayashi SanaeDC
Main character Larissa
Voiced by Tashiro Yuki
Main character Oyassan
Main character Sakura Mizuha
Main character Shinonome Sakino
Voiced by Kousaka NatsukiPS2
Side character Cynthia Schloezer
Voiced by Maeda Yukie
Side character Ugami Kimihiko
Voiced by Kawamura Takuo
Side character Uryuu Kasumi
Voiced by Kobayashi MisaPS2

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