Qiye Guaitan - Dushi Xiaoyuan Jingu Chuanshuo

七夜怪谈 - 都市校园禁锢传说

Qiye Guaitan - Dushi Xiaoyuan Jingu Chuanshuo
TitleQiye Guaitan - Dushi Xiaoyuan Jingu Chuanshuo
Original title七夜怪谈 - 都市校园禁锢传说
AliasesSchool Kwaidan
Publishers Atansoft


Wanderer in the dark corridor, woman crying at midnight, blood words sudden appeared on the mirror, strange patterns draw on the note, the music from an empty classroom, tightly shuted door of the archive room...
'Have you heard of that? There will be ghost appeared in the midnight!' In such a private highschool, a horrible rumor is being spread among students.
I, a college graduate, being hired by this school, would try to reveal all the truth hidden behind the darkness during 7 days...
After all the mystery, should be tricks by the ghost, or any other factors involved. And how is my destiny, live or death, will all up to you to desition.

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2018-09-20  Qiye Guaitan - Dushi Xiaoyuan Jingu ChuanshuoNot voicedStory: Simple animationsNon-freeDoujin960x640Internet download 2 

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