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After receiving a weird mail consisting of nothing more than an unknown address, Michael—who’s normally so indifferent and placid—finds himself mysteriously and almost unconsciously drawn to it, so much so that he decided to ditch afternoon classes to follow a lead that probably doesn’t even exist.
But what was, at first, ‘probably not even worth the effort’ degenerated quite rapidly into something much more significant. Now, here he stands in the middle of a room somehow related to his past, yet too creepy to evoke in him feelings of nostalgia. This dark, eerie room… full of birthday decorations, even though the building has long since been deserted. His birthday party from seven years ago, recreated almost to perfection. Its sole purpose? Making him remember that night... that night when he lost his entire self and all his memories.

The night of his parents’ murders.

And as though this situation wasn’t enough, a Voice, mechanical and almost joyful, proclaims from the other side of the line to be the one behind it all. It continues with nonsensical words, one after the other. Things Michael doesn’t even comprehend. But he does catch the Voice’s parting words. The Voice’s threat. Something about the importance of his friends and to what length he needs to go in order to save them.

This is the story of a young man who’s desperately trying to cut himself out of the world surrounding him, and the choice he’s ultimately forced to make to save the few friends he has.



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Protagonist Michael
Main character Eve
Main character Jessica
Main character Joey
Main character Julia
Main character Kim

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