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Immersed in an ancient Greece setting, you will recruit, train and lead a team of Athens’ young girls through battles, challenges, critical choices and beyond. It will be up to you to organize an effective rebellion against every man of Athens. It will be your responsibility to stop a war that has been endured for decades. Once inside the Acropolis everything will be in your hands. Choose different skills, improve buildings, devise new tactics, betray, seduce, be a diplomat or a warrior. The game (and its characters) will be shaped entirely by you.

“If they won’t listen to us, they will sleep alone from now on. It will be a torture for them!!”

And so every woman in Athens left their home and took the Acropolis - the heart of the city, as well as the place where the most important resources were held. They decided to offer no more company or affection whatsoever to those men who had been so busy fighting their wars. Finding the means and forcing them to declare peace is your objective…

[Edited From Kickstarter]


TBA  LisistrataPartially voicedStory: Simple animationsNon-freeDoujinInternet download  


Character summary

Protagonist Lisistrata
Voiced by Amber Barile
Main character Cleonice
Main character Corifeo
Main character Main Guard
Voiced by Jeff Werden
Main character Mirrina
Voiced by Rochelle J. ChiangVoices the Trailer Narrator
Main character Vannesa

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