Dear Monster

Dear Monster
TitleDear Monster
DeveloperYaoi a GoGo
Publishers Yaoi a GoGo


Do you want to date a dragon? How about a hot Egyptian god? In Dear Monster, you’ll be able to do it all! Go on dates, touch your guy to gain affection and build your stats to become the most powerful wizard!

The game is about a human who’s invited to his grandfather’s mansion. It turns out that grandpa was a powerful wizard who traveled through many supernatural worlds and gathered interesting friends along the way. Some of those friends are now the mansion’s guardians.

[From Youtube] and [CastingCall].


TBA18+  Dear MonsterFully voicedStory: Simple animationsNon-freeDoujinInternet download  


Character summary

Main character Faeryn the Unicorn
Main character Hikmat
Main character Imbriss the Dragon
Voiced by Pat M. Seymour
Main character Momo the Fox
Voiced by Lord Azria

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