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Dear Monster

TitleDear Monster
DeveloperYaoi a GoGo
PublishersYaoi a GoGo


Do you want to date a dragon? How about a hot Egyptian god? In Dear Monster, you’ll be able to do it all! Go on dates, touch your guy to gain affection and build your stats to become the most powerful wizard!

The game is about a human who’s invited to his grandfather’s mansion. It turns out that grandpa was a powerful wizard who traveled through many supernatural worlds and gathered interesting friends along the way. Some of those friends are now the mansion’s guardians.

[From Youtube] and [CastingCall].

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Main characters

Faeryn the Unicorn
HairLong, White
BodyHorns, Pale


Faeryn used to live in an enchanted forest, but he got bored because nothing ever happened. He joined a party of extremely unskilled human adventurers and had traveled with them for many years, pretty much keeping them alive. Then he met the wizard (protagonist’s grandpa) and was fascinated by the world he spoke of. He decided to visit the wizard’s world.

[From CastingCall]

AliasesHidayat the Anubis
BodyDark, Younger Appearance
PersonalityArrogant, Relaxed
RoleEgyptian, Immortal


Hikmat wasn’t a god at first. He was the master-embalmer in Egypt, and his extraordinary skills caused others to admire, and even worship him. Eventually, they started to view him as something more than human, and their belief transformed him into an immortal being. He was able to travel to the Underworld and truly weight the hearts of the dead.

Gradually, Egypt became a different place and people’s belief in gods disappeared. Hikmat remained immortal, but he could no longer travel to the Land of the Dead. He still sees it when he closes his right eye.

[From CastingCall]

Momo the Fox
PersonalityManipulative, Misanthrope
Voiced byLord Azria


For hundreds of years, Momo had lived alongside humans, pretending to be one of them. He felt drawn to people, but at the same time he hated them for treating him cruelly when he was just a fox. He often used them for his own amusement or to prove his superiority.

“Momo” is the name that was given to him by the only person who was kind to him before he developed his magical abilities and became able to turn into a human.

When Momo met the protagonist’s grandpa (the wizard), he was at the lowest point in his life. He felt an overwhelming emptiness because he didn’t know who he really was. Grandpa gave him a home and taught him that kindness doesn’t equal being weak.

[From CastingCall]