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Oshikake Petit Lily


Oshikake Petit LilySafe / Tame (14)
Oshikake Petit Lily
Play timeVery short (23m from 7 votes)


A short 20-30 minute fully voiced Girl x Girl visual novel, where you come in contact with your crazily cute childhood friend.
May include some disturbing depictions including blood, mental illness and suicide.

Nozomi is currently recovering from clinical depression at home. Her eccentric childhood friend Puchiri comes to check on her, but their relationship may suddenly take an unexpected turn...

[translated and adapted from novelgame site (jp) ]

Mini reviews

By tsukishin on 2022-02-15r59894Vote: 3
<report>I read it solely for how short it was and the simple language (it's one of the lowest difficulty games on jpdb's visual novel difficulty list.) IMHO, if you're already fluent or only read untranslated games with machine translation, you can probably give this one a pass, as if you read the tags you can probably guess exactly what happens. If you want the Japanese practice and don't mind a VERY short and formulaic lesbian yandere vignette, it only takes about 20 minutes, so maybe give it a try, just don't expect much story-wise.

To give some pros, though, the girls are cute, the voice acting is actually pretty impressive, especially Nozomi (and helps from a language standpoint too) and the GUI is pretty, though some of the art has a huge drop in quality. Overall, pretty fine presentation.
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By Liza-Boykisser on 2024-01-27r110334Vote: 5
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