Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light

Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light
TitleInnocent Forest: The Bird of Light
Publishers Sekai Project
 Sekai Project
Innocent Forest 2: The Bed in the Sky


“When you step into this forest, you lose one memory…”
Innocent Forest is fantasy story about a girl called Luclei and the memories of her visitors.
The forest of lost memories: a place where they say you can forget one painful occurrence.
Kei, a young man lost in the forest, encounters a mysterious girl named Luclei, who lives among the woods and gathers a flock of birds.
It is through these birds the past, present and future of lost memories unfolds.

[Edited from Steam]

Visual novel requires the HTC Vive virtual reality headset.


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Voiced byKobayashi Yuusuke

Main characters