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v24446.82019-07-11 at 05:36belgerumBreak: The Rematchadd staff
v24446.72018-10-02 at 23:41terios121Break: The RematchSatuski -> Satsuki ^_^
v24446.62018-10-02 at 21:12beliarBreak: The RematchReverted to revision v24446.4 The game is in English language. There is no such thing as "romanization" or "romaji" regarding it.
v24446.52018-10-02 at 20:45terios121Break: The Rematchromaji.
v24446.42018-10-02 at 19:02beliarBreak: The RematchNo original title, reference, no length for unfinished games, images must be in the native resolution (960x640 in this case).
v24446.32018-10-02 at 17:32msa208Break: The Rematchadded SFW screenshots
v24446.22018-10-02 at 17:20msa208Break: The RematchThe length was corrected
v24446.12018-10-02 at 17:19msa208Break: The RematchThe first entry of Break! The Rematch, based on the demo.