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Natsu no Nigai Omoide


TitleNatsu no Nigai Omoide
Original title夏の苦い思い出
DeveloperARIKA Work
PublishersARIKA Work
Side story
Natsu no Nigai Omoide (Bukatsu no Ato...
Natsu no Nigai Omoide (Natsuyasumi no...
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My childhood friend Yuika moved away when we were young. Now I met her again. She was my first love in life. This story begins during the time when we were elementary schoolers and Yuika often had invited me over to her house to play.

While I'm reminiscing about the time together in elementary school, our relationship is moving more towards more pervy things and childhood friends making out.

As this game is fully voice-acted, please enjoy Yuika's (Suzuka Minase 涼花みなせ) adorable voice and especially her performance in H-scenes.

The trial version stops right before the H-scene.

[Translated from the DLSite]


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2018-10-1618+Natsu no Nigai Omoide


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              YuikaMain character
              Voiced by Suzuka Minase

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              Natsu no Nigai Omoide

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