Gakkou Mizugi ~Semen Pool de Oyoidara~


TitleGakkou Mizugi ~Semen Pool de Oyoidara~
Original title学・校・水・着~ザーメンプールで泳いだら~
AliasesSCHOOL SWIMWEAR -swimming in a semen pool-
Publishers Valkyria


Because of a certain experience, the protagonist has an abnormal attachment to swimsuits.
He ends up raping a girl in a swimsuit! He is arrested, but gets released the same day.
The reason behind that is a dark syndicate who need his powers...

The man becomes a dark sexual trainer, and to fulfill his mission as well as satisfy his lust he rapes, tortures and ejaculates over the girls from a reputable swimming club.
He repaints their blue swimsuits white, and they moan feebly as they lie covered in his semen!
Women who don't wear school swimsuits are worthless!

Will the girls be buried beneath the cocks of the men abusing them? Or will they drown in a pool of semen before that happens? The choice is yours.

[From DLsite English]

Heroine with Swimsuits 3.0 Nukige 3.0 Sexual Content 3.0 Rape 2.0 Multiple Endings 2.0 Yandere Heroine 2.0 Bondage 2.0 Group Sex of One Male and Several Females 2.0 ADV 2.0 Lesbian Sex 2.0 Group Sex of One Female and Several Males 2.0 Student Heroine 2.0 Early Sexual Content 2.0 Student Club 2.0 Group Sex of Multiple Females and Males 2.0 Urination Fetish 2.0 Sexual Devices 2.0 Vibrators 2.0 Defloration 2.0 Sex in Public Places 2.0 Secret Society 2.0 Heroine with Ahoge 2.0 Heroine with Intake Hairstyle 2.0 Bukkake 2.0 Cunnilingus 2.0 Object Insertion 2.0 Balls Sucking 2.0 Inflation 2.0 Ejaculation Choice 2.0 Outdoor Sex 2.0 Naked Sprites 2.0 Deepthroat 2.0 Petplay 2.0 Fingering 2.0 Mindbreak 2.0 Voice Replay 2.0 Anal Toys 2.0 Excessive Semen 2.0 Defloration During Common Route 2.0 Standing Sex 2.0 Ahegao 2.0 Erotic Electrostimulation 2.0 Double Handjob 2.0 Single Hole Multiple Objects Insertion 2.0 Sexual Cosplay 2.0 Intercrural Sex 1.5 Blowjob 1.5 Sixty-nine 1.5 Reverse Piledriver 1.0 Pissing on Own Face 1.0 Bestiality 1.0 Crotch Rope Walk 1.0 Anal Grapeshot 1.0 Single Hole Multiple Penetration 1.0 Anal Gaping 1.0 Spreader Bar 1.0 Double Penetration (Group Sex) 1.0 Female Domination 1.0 Reverse Cowgirl 1.0 Heroine with a Braid 1.0 Strap-on Dildos 1.0 Sex in Water 1.0 Wax Play 1.0 Anal Sex 1.0 Boobjob 1.0 Pig Cosplay 1.0 Fisting 1.0 Tentacle Rape 1.0 Twin Tail Heroine 1.0 Handjob 1.0 Torture 1.0 Twin Blowjob 1.0 Cat Cosplay 1.0 Bunnygirl Cosplay 1.0 Multiple Penetration 1.0 Production of Pornography (Amateur) 1.0 Erotic Spanking 1.0 Food Play 1.0 Sex in Front of an Audience 1.0 Panty Gag 1.0 Quickie Fix Position 1.0 Body Writing 1.0 Nipple Insertion 1.0 Double Dildos 1.0 Bellyjob 1.0

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