Elf Tanezuke Bokujou


TitleElf Tanezuke Bokujou
Original titleエルフ種付け牧場
AliasesElf Seeding Farm
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Miel


Elves are sometimes worshiped for their love for nature and strong power.
They rank themselves above the other races and hate humans who damage the environment...
However, one could say that a species which cannot reproduce independently is rather inferior!

Our protagonist was captured by a Dark Elf and treated as livestock, but he makes a cumback by the power of his penis! He preys upon the loser Elves who are reproductively helpless! Taking ownership of the Elves, he makes them into nothing more than objects of insemination which are -- of course -- lower than humans, and keeps them as his own breeding pets! Instilling them with the pleasure and happiness of being female, his dream farm life filled with their orgasmic moans begins!
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