17th Astral

17th Astral
Title17th Astral
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Overlord-Ge


Long time ago Gods come into this world and created certain beings in it. For a time Gods lived alongside those beings, guiding them and teaching them wonders of the universe and magic. Gods intended for those beings to eventually reach godhood and join them as equals, but those beings failed exceptions of Gods and as a result Gods labeled beings as failures and left this world, but not before leaving beings one last hope to prove they are not failures and that they can still become something more, that last hope was Astral. Astral, a place in between this world and the universe of Gods, a place only the most powerful and elite of witches and warlocks can reach, a place where they can continue to advance past the limits of the world they were created in and still have a hope to reach godhood.
Story follows Lumen, A witch that not long ago come into Astral. But despite being in Astral, Lumen not only can't remember anything about the outside world in which she was before she come to Astral, she is also terrible at magic to the point most question if she should even be in Astral in the first place. But despite that Lumen isn't giving up, she is determined to continue advancing and to uncover her past.

-5 Romance options/5 routes/5 endings
-Route separation works in a classical VN way. Common route>Choice>Heroine route
-Length: 145k words
-Fully GxG (AKA Girls love only). All characters are girls and all girls are interested in other girls.


2018-10-31  17th AstralNon-freeDoujin  

Character summary

Protagonist Lumen
Main character Diane
Main character Honoko
Main character Iori
Main character Nene
Main character Rena
Main character Rie
Side character High Priestess Lira
Side character Liane
Side character Mao

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  17th Astral

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