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Edit history of TARANORMAL

v24609.152022-11-18 at 14:13rainiiTARANORMALedit
v24609.142022-08-25 at 23:39lunaterraTARANORMALstaff
v24609.132022-03-07 at 17:23NiniusTARANORMALoriginal name
v24609.122021-11-02 at 01:37lunaterraI Told You So!screenshots from current version
v24609.112021-11-02 at 00:27rainiiI Told You So!Edited staff.
v24609.102021-11-02 at 00:21rainiiI Told You So!Added the rest of the cast.
v24609.92021-10-31 at 03:57trickzzterI Told You So!Better image from Steam
v24609.82021-06-15 at 08:10chipp12I Told You So!...
v24609.72020-11-01 at 01:24lunaterraI Told You So!new name, img
v24609.62019-11-02 at 20:07lunaterraTaranormalcast
v24609.52019-07-11 at 16:54spectrumTaranormalCharacters from "Highway Blossoms" appear in "Taranormal".
v24609.42018-11-01 at 15:36marantanaTaranormalThe game is a teaser for v21957 as a Halloween treat. It's mostly a commented gallery of selected fan art.
v24609.32018-11-01 at 15:28marantanaTaranormaltaken from the in-game credits
v24609.22018-10-31 at 11:57gregoryTaranormalRelation
v24609.12018-10-31 at 11:56gregoryTaranormalVN