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The Anomaly

TitleThe Anomaly
DeveloperAnnexe Interactive
PublishersAnnexe Interactive


Life in Colorado Springs is a drag for 18-year-old high school student Tucker. There’s nothing to do, the people are boring, and the only thing keeping Tucker from losing his mind is his small group of friends who share a similar sentiment and similar interests. While the young man and his companions don’t hold much compassion for the physical world around them, their skills in the digital one tell a different story.

Tucker is a hacker, and along with his friends Ross and Valerie, he finds every opportunity he can to leave the doldrums of the real world behind and lose himself in cyberspace. Whether it’s something as silly as vandalizing the Shyanne Mountain High School website, or as serious as tapping into secret government archives, no task is too great or small for Tucker and his merry little band of tech-savvy misfits.

When Tucker meets a new girl at school named Kiera, things quickly become more complicated, and he and his friends’ carefree lives soon take an even more dramatic turn when the mysterious local phenomenon of “The Hum” begins to cause strange and confusing effects to the people of Colorado Springs. Taking it upon themselves to get to the bottom of things, the group soon find themselves knee deep in a complex and treacherous world of secrets, conspiracy, and very real danger.

Will they be able to unlock the mystery of the Hum? Some truths are kept hidden for a reason.

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2018-10-16The Anomaly Demo
2018-11-01The Anomaly Demo


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