Gakuen Tengoku ~Kyonyuu de Ikimakuri~


Gakuen Tengoku ~Kyonyuu de Ikimakuri~
TitleGakuen Tengoku ~Kyonyuu de Ikimakuri~
Original title学園天獄~巨乳でイキまくり~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperRed Label
Publishers Cain & Red Label


Akutaro is a new teacher at Tengoku Jogakuen. He is thin, quiet and good-tempered. However, because of these parsonalities, he is teased by his seniors, coworkers and even students. One day, he is attacked by several students and he makes up his mind to jump off the top of a building. From the top of the building, he finds a small tent and meets a girl, named Carina. He is given a special magic power at the expense of his life. With this special magic power, he decides to revenge....

[From Eroge Shop]


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