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Object Ward.

TitleObject Ward.
Side story
Object Wank: Please Stop Asking If Th...


Meet Manson, a schizophrenic patient who has been recently sent to a psychiatric hospital after suffering a psychotic break. Upon awakening, Manson is greeted by a nurse and a doctor, who have syringes and pill bottles for heads!? And now his pillow is talking to him? Out of touch with reality and completely delusional, our "protagonist" decides to have some good ol' fashioned deviant fun with his predicament.



English (1)
2021-01-1318+Object Ward. - Demo

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Character summary

Manson MossProtagonist
Antonio AcevedoMain character
Dorothy SmithMain character
Jones CarveyMain character
Kent GoldsteinMain character
Priscilla HarbingerMain character
Randal AndersonSide character

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