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v24648.132020-06-21 at 01:03klutchHajimete no Kanojo52h noriaki, akino, desperation clear. my reading speed was relatively slow but akino route alone (assuming you don't ctrl through all the alternate
v24648.122020-01-09 at 06:09klutchHajimete no Kanojoss
v24648.112020-01-09 at 06:04klutchHajimete no Kanojothere's no way you could finish this in 10 hours.
v24648.102019-10-01 at 10:05printerdesuHajimete no KanojoSS
v24648.92019-06-20 at 13:15kdabraone1Hajimete no KanojoIs short.
v24648.82019-05-30 at 04:38wakaranaiHajimete no Kanojoending credits
v24648.72019-04-27 at 21:41kdabraone1Hajimete no KanojoLength
v24648.62019-04-25 at 00:56empoleon434Hajimete no Kanojoadd cast
v24648.52019-02-22 at 05:17onepersonvisualHajimete no KanojoReverted to revision v24648.3 No watermark
v24648.42019-02-21 at 21:39kdabraone1Hajimete no Kanojo...
v24648.32018-11-29 at 23:03eacilHajimete no Kanojocover, missing artist, 監修 seems to be director to me
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v24648.12018-11-09 at 08:01707Hajimete no Kanojo..