Gakuin Seikatsu no Shiori ~Sensei ga Midare o Tadashimasu~

学淫性活の栞 ~先生が乱れを正します~

TitleGakuin Seikatsu no Shiori ~Sensei ga Midare o Tadashimasu~
Original title学淫性活の栞 ~先生が乱れを正します~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Morning & Blueberry Soft


Tomoki is a PE teacher. He has a crooked sexual desire and is disliked by all students. One day, he takes in charge of student discipline. "Great! I'll punish bad students!" On his first day as a teacher in charge of student discipline, Nao comes late for school. Since then, Tomoki persistently finds fault with her.... Mayu, a Nao's close friend, tries to stop him, but....

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